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Migration plan from .NET 4 to .NET 4.6.1

At Wheelhouse, we have a few legacy applications running at various version of .NET from 4 up to 4.6.

  • Re-target all projects to .NET 4.6.1. in a feature branch, building to catch usage of deprecated BCL features

  • Review change log for each intervening release of .NET to find breaking changes that could affect our applications

  • Install .NET 4.6.1 (in-place upgrade) on the build and staging servers

  • Build existing codebase, without retargeting framework version, on build server, deploy to staging server

  • Run through critical functionality of our applications using MVC, Web API, WCF, and Console on staging to mimic an in-place upgrade on production

  • Upgrade/patch all production servers with .NET 4.6.1

  • Upgrade MSBuild on build server

  • Merge in code targeting 4.6.1 to master, build on build server, test on staging

  • Redeploy all applications on production, targeting .NET 4.6.1

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.NET Changes for the ASP.NET MVC Developer



  • .NET 4, 4.5, 4.5.1 - 01/12/2016 - End of Support
  • .NET 4.6.1 - 11/30/2015 - Minor Release
    Incremental improvements and cleanup from .NET 4.6
  • .NET 4.6 - 07/20/2015 - Major Release
    Convergence of several multi-year projects for performance, consistency, new features and streamlining ASP.NET APIs
  • .NET 4.5.2 - 05/05/2014 - Minor Release
    Profiling, debugging, tracing, minor improvements for ASP.NET
  • .NET 4.5.1 - 10/17/2013 - Minor Release
    Changes to support powerful development tools/features in VS2013
  • .NET 4.5 - 08/15/2012 - Major Release
    ASP.NET 4.5, background GC, JIT compilation, major improvements across each library in the .NET Framework


The Case for Upgrading from 4 to 4.6.1

  • Microsoft support is ending for .NET 4, 4.5, 4.5.1
  • Likely to see performance improvements: speed of execution and reduced CPU, memory usage
  • Enable compiler to use...

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