Building Blocks of the C# ASP.NET MVC Web Stack

Summary #

The ASP.NET web stack is Microsoft’s mature platform for creating feature-rich, powerful web applications.

Rather than explaining how to write code for the ASP.NET stack, this article intends to walk through each of the major building blocks, providing information necessary to successfully deploy, upgrade, and administer the ASP.NET Web Stack in your organization.

The Building Blocks #

C# Language #

C# Compiler #

MSBuild #

.NET Framework/CLR #

.NET Core (CoreCLR + .NET CoreFX Libraries) #

The future of the .NET Framework for ASP.NET Applications.

Primarily available via NuGet: understanding and creating processes for working with NuGet is becoming increasingly critical for building ASP.NET applications.

Although CoreFX will be made available as a fairly large number of individual NuGet packages, it will continue to ship periodically as a full unit that Microsoft has tested as a whole. These distributions will most likely ship at a lower cadence than individual packages, allowing time to perform necessary testing, fixes, and the distribution process.

Basically, the CLR will be different, the available libraries will be different and even the low level integration into IIS or self-hosted options are also different. All in all, the .NET Core 5 stack will be much lighter, a with a much smaller memory footprint.



NuGet #

Visual Studio 2015 #



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