C# Changes for the ASP.NET MVC Developer

C# 6 #

Released Jul 20, 2015

Along with Roslyn Compiler, .NET 4.6, and Visual Studio 2015

Summary #

C#6 focuses on streamlining common issues that require clumsy work-arounds that clutter the code.

Null-conditional operator, string interpolation, getter only auto-properties, static using statements, expression-bodied methods, and index initializers all contribute significantly towards increasing readability of C# code, reducing the number of lines and complexity of code, and improving the elegance and ease of expressing the programmer’s intent.

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GitHub Including VB

C# 5 #

Summary #

C# 5 unlocks an entirely new paradigm of programming with the async and await keywords. These keywords enable asynchronous programming (think javascript click handlers) to be written in a synchronous mental model, enabling much cleaner, easier to follow logic lines.

Caller information changes are also significant, and likely to be used heavily by third-party libraries such as Log4Net, and NLog to more accurately and easily determine which methods and line numbers were involved when the trace message was recorded.

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