Visual Studio Changes for the ASP.NET MVC Developer

Visual Studio 2015 - Jul 20, 2015 #

What strikes me most about VS2015 is how eagerly javascript/html/css frameworks and build tools are being incorporated and supported by Visual Studio. These tools change so rapidly that I think it will be hard for Microsoft to keep up with them, but it is a welcome change. Definite shift in attitude towards bring-your-own, instead of our-way-or-the-highway.

Significant Changes for ASP.NET Developers #

Significant improvements in every area. Especially note: CodeLens, Git, Lambdas in Debugger Windows, Conditional Breakpoints, improved Editor features for javascript/html/css, NuGet Gallery, Diagnostic Tools Window.

Editor Improvements #

Debugging Improvements #

ASP.NET Tooling Updates #

Git and Team Explorer #

Major New Tools #

Other Changes #

Full List of Changes #

Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2013 - Oct 17, 2013 #

Much smaller release than VS2012, and more targeted at Windows 8.1 application development. Minimal changes for ASP.NET developers.

Full List of Changes #

Visual Studio 2013


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